New Products Released !
New Products Released !
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Which Countries / Regions do you ship to?

Currently we are only shipping within United States territory. This may be expanded in the future. For more details on shipping visit our page: 

Why so I see an “Imprints of India” water mark on every picture?

All the artwork shown on this website has an embedded “Imprints of India” water mark on them, to protect from unauthorized copy and prints. The artwork that you will purchase, will not have any such watermark. Here is an example:

with WM
without WM
This is what you see in the website

This is what you get, when you purchase


How can I decide which size or type of Art print to order?

The size of the Art Print you are ordering will depend on where do you want to display them. All the Sizes are accurately shown in the choices. Please refer to the "Print Size selection Guide" picture below for more context.

All the prints are available either in paper or canvas format. The available print-size for an artwork is dependent on the original size of the art. 

While ordering we recommend, you choose the appropriate size first. Then all Print Material options available for that size will be displayed in the 2nd menu. The prints will be made in the Matte Finish Paper (with or without the Outer Border, as shown in the Sample) or High-quality framed Canvas Cloth.

Print Size Selection Guide