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New Products Released !
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       Ajit Bhattacharya Artist       Champak Bhattacharya Artist

This is a small initiative to showcase a few works of art of my late father, Champak Bhattacharya and my Grandfather, Ajit Bhattacharya. We belong to a family of extremely gifted and genius artists.

My Grandfather was an accomplished and versatile artist, who found beauty and meaning in drawing/ carving the life and nature around him. He was a dedicated teacher, who has trained hundreds in the art of Drawing, Painting, Wood carving, Clay Modelling, Makeup etc. He is also credited with pioneering the now-famous "Wood Carvings of Bastar" with Tribal Motifs, from the Chhattisgarh region of India.

My Father, Champak Bhattacharya, was an equally versatile artist and also a  poet. He has been awarded at various state, national and international levels. His work is spread across various styles and mediums, like Water Color, Oil color, Pencil Sketch, Wood Carvings, Clay Modelling. His book of poetry "ARPAN" was published in 1997 and a book of illustrations "RAMAYANA" based on the ancient Hindu Mythology was published in 2017. 

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Ramayana by Champak Bhattacharya

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